Hi guys

In the past few months that I have been absent from this blog I’ve come to realise the love I have for the people around me. I have been going through stuff, things with which I haven’t spoken to anyone about but when I let slip I know there are people around me who listen. My heart has swollen with love and admiration to those who have accepted me and have had the patience.

My Mother. My Mum is a lady who has never let anything stop her. She has fought her way to get where she wants and admire her persistence and stamina. She has taught me a lot about self-motivating and that I deserve what I strive for; because, hell, I would have worked my butt off for it.

Another one of those people has been my co-writer, LoveAura, or as I know her. My big Cous Laura. I don’t think she quite knows the amount of help she has given me,black and white piccy I may not say it or express it but she knows when there is something wrong and is willing to listen.  So if you’re reading this… Thank you.

Further more, another person who has been a big inspiration in my life is my grandmother. I may not get to see her as frequently as I would like to, I know that when I do there will be a big cup of tea and an open heart to welcome me. She has never once judged or halted anything I do. My grandmother is someone who has experienced much in her life and is always willing to give advice on any question given and has one of the biggest hearts that I know.

I could have listed a few more but I feel so lucky to know that I have these amazing supports around me and that they will be here for a long time coming to keep pushing me that extra mile and to listen when I so desperately need it. Love you guys.

Until next time


Paige XOXO









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