Cousins who dare together, are stupid together.

Well, there is absolutely no way to put this in a more mature or subtle way, we both are very creativUnknown.pnge people and never stick by societies ideals because we feel you only limit yourself for the sake of someone else’s happiness.

So here are 5 thing’s we are daring each other to do together this year.

  1. images-2.jpegTattoos! Now the thought of this scares me. Im not one for pain or needles but for the sake of my happiness and the dare I’m going to be getting one at some point this year. Well, we both are, and we’re going to do it together. We both have ideas on what we want to get, there are many beautiful and artistic designs out there; but we have settled on something that has meaning to both of us. We will be getting Disney characters.
  2. A Greek middle name. Random, crazy, peculiar? Yes. But why the hell not? Why not have a Grecian middle name, one inspired by the Grecian gods?
  3. Colourful hair. Now this is something neither of us has really ever had. And being the type of people who don’t like to be confined to the laws of society this for us is an excellent way to really express ourselves.
  4. Moving in together.Well, that’s a daunting thought, but something we both would love to do. We really would be under each others skin and feet.
  5. Moving over on to YouTube.After much discussion, we have both decided that we would love to move over to YouTube and start creating content which we are passionate about. It is a little unusual, not the regular contenNew 2c2ct you see on there; but something that we both love doing and are wanting to do. So I hope you will go and check us out!

Until next time,


Paige xoxo


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