2017 Essentials

Hello all,

It’s the beginning of March and the style for 2017 has started with a bang, I’ve been keen to keep up to date with latest trends. But also to see the ways in which I can style them for myself; as designers do tend to forget that there is a wide range of beautiful body shapes out there and not all the clothing items or styles will suit. But from what I’ve seen these are 2017s’ essentials, so far.

  1. The logo belt. I’m digging styling these with a pair of mom jeans and plain t-shirt or baggy jumper. Makes for a styles but relaxed look.
  2. The back pack. Ohh the trusty backpack, where would images-1I be without it.
  3. The plated skirt. Now I love these, but at first I found it incredible hard to style, now I tend to chuck on plain white T to dress it down or a gorgeous body suit to style it up for the night-time. In my opinion the metallic skirts are the best!
  4. A shirt. Whether it be a banker shirt or a checkered flannel it’s a super easy item of clothing to style up or down.
  5. The biker Jacket, to be honest when isn’t this in trend. It’s an essential worth spend that extra few pounds on as it will last you through the many years of trend changes.
  6. The one piece, or the body suit.(which ever you like to call it!) I have multiple of these in my wardrobe. They’re super easy to wear and leave you not worrying about anything coming untucked during the day.
  7. The tote bag. Again another essential worth spending a few more pounds on. One of the easiest and most useful accessories!
  8. Gold jewellery. Gold seems to be one of the more used accessory coloursimages-2 this trend season. Whether a gold bracelet, chain necklace or hopped earrings it certainly adds an extra edge to your look.
  9. The little black dress. When shouldn’t you have this in your wardrobe?
  10. The classic stiletto. Again, perfect accessory to any outfit. An item everyone should have in their wardrobe!
  11. The cami. I absolutely adore a cami. Such a simple but effective article of clothing, something you can, again, dress up and down.
  12. The Bombunknown-1er Jacket. I believe this item to suit any body shape and they come in wide range of fabrics and stylings. From satin, to silk, to floral, to
    military. You can always easily style them.
  13. The Trench Coat. I love myself a trench coat. It’s, again, an easily styled article of outerwear. You can dress it up for an evening out, or casually for a day out with the girl (or guys).
  14. The wrap dress. Suitable for nearly all body types. I own a fair few wrap dresses and love to wear them either with a strappy bralet or with a little vest underneath. The styling all depends on where I’m goingunknown.
  15. Aviators. Aviators are the ‘in’ accessory of the moment. But will defiantly be in trend for few more season to come. So splash out a little extra and get yourself a gorgeous pair!


Until next time,


Paige xoxo


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