Press the unwind button.

Hello all,

Now as I’m sat here on a rather dull Thursday morning, watching the forever grey skies of the U.K; I started to think about all things I have to do. Now in my head the list seems never ending and very daunting… and thinking back to what I have been doing the list is continuous. Do I actually have 5 minutes to stop and breath? Let me check… no. What? Where are my days going? They just seem to be slipping through my fingers and as this is happening, more tasks are being added to my building list. So in this downward spiralling situation, its important to just stop, put your foot firmly on the break and breath. Do a double check on that schedule and slot in some very much needed down time; so I thought in my  few moments of down time I’d talk to you about what I do to unwind after or during a very busy day. unknown

These are my top 15:

  1. Drink a green tea
  2. Walk around, or if you like the exercise take a jog or short run.
  3. Meditate – Take a breath and chill–  read this to learn a bit more about ways to destress
  4. Nap or go to bed earlier
  5. Talk to someone
  6. Read a book,blog…lose yourself
  7. Listen to some music. Weather it’s from your dance playlist or relax playlist enjoy it
  8. Tidy up
  9. Write in a journal. Write down your worries and stresses from the day and then put it away
  10. Organise yourself. Yes, it seems like work when you want to be relaxing, but feeling  mentally and physically prepared goes a long way to the feeling of unwinding after a long day.
  11. Count to 10 and do it again
  12. See the positives
  13. Learn something new
  14. Slow down and take your time
  15. Take the day off and sort through it all

I hope this may go forward to helping some of you.

If you would like me to go through this in more detail, please let me know I would love to hear from you!

Until next time


Paige xoxo


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