Life Hacks 2017

Hello all!

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017! Now that feels weird to type. I can’t believe how quick last year went and that it has been a year since we started 2close2cope!! WHAT!? HOW? I’m not even sure where it went. Anyway,back to the task at hand, the first post of 2017… Our year of ‘do’. And as this is going to be my motto for the next few moimagesnths I thought I would talk to you about a few life hacks I’m going to be using over the next year to keep up my motivation and will power to complete all the tasks I’m going to be facing.

Now as it is January, yes I know I’m 6 days late for this whole ‘new year new me’ marlarky, but its better late than never. This is usually the only month I find the will power to continue any of the resolutions I made, after the 31st I kinda just let it all go. However this year I’m determined to carry it on, so on to these most valuable of life hacks to do this.

  1. Make time. I find even though I’ve told myself that I need to start doing something, like writing more posts, I don’t actually make time in my schedule. Thus the job ends up not being done. Now, I can put my hands up and say that I am guilty when it comes to procrastinating and a regular sentence in my daily vernacular is that ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and then tomorrow become the day after and so on. You’ll note down when your meeting is, or when your next big test is into your schedule so why not mark down a time, an allotted for you to do your tasks (or any resolutions you have made).
  2. 1+1=2. Get a friend to do it with you. I find jobs are a lot easier to do if there is more than one of you doing it, and it is certainly a lot more enjoyable. When I’m struggling with what to write I look to my fellow writer Laura_Victoria for inspiration and advice, and after the ‘juices’ flow and writing is a lot easier. It is useful to have someone you can bounce off, someone who can remind of your goal(s) when the will power begins to fade and the thoughts of sitting and doing nothing (usual spent in my bed face buried in my laptop catching up on my fav youtubers) sets in.
  3. images-1Celebrate the little things. Going back to my post Motivation and Inspiration I talk about this. It is vital in keeping yourself going, instead of continuously striving for your main goal and desperately thinking how far way it is, look at all the small things you have conquered and celebrate them. Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. – via @theorderexpertPeter Marshall <for some more awesome quotes click here 
  4. Take the failures with the successes. We all have slip ups and days where we forget or choose not to do the tasks at hand. However when these days happen it is paramount that, figuratively speaking, you climb back onto your horse and carry on. As the legendary coach Vince Lombardi once said, “It isn’t whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” Carrying on and staying with it is vital; failures are hiccups in the road and shouldn’t be turned in to major melt downs and reasons for quitting. Instead acknowledge what you did and learn from it, place it behin
    d you and cont
    inue on.
  5. You can do it! Never forget it, no matter how hard it seems, how difficult the road becomes, how steep the mountain turns into. It always seems impossible until its done.


Until next time


Paige xoxo


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