Back once again, yes it has been a while I know (blah blah blah) you have all rights reserved to moan at me ok? I’ve been so so busy with my life, ever had it where your life goes from 0 to 60 real quick? So scary, and I’m going through this.

So basically, “what do I do?” ~ to the strong people out there who are reading this, I need advice, and real quick! So I’m a fashion student, previously I studied A level law, needless to say, telling people that their going to jail and hoping they don’t have distant cousins who are drug lords that may come after you wasn’t my idea of a “adventurous lifestyle” so i am considering starting up my own business.

I have family who, like my mother and father, have their own businesses, however their just a little bit more old school “get a shop” “pay rent” me thinkey… no. I’ve heard online that selling among etsy is very good when it comes to retail, and my plan it to create handmade lingerie and sell my peices on etsy or online.

Yes I know what you’re thinking “lingerie?! But doesn’t everyone do that” got that one covered my lovelies.

Welcome to the world of great gatsby means victoria secret.

I love a good bit of lace and bedazzle! So combine the two?! Like some sort of burlesque everyday sexiness?! Every woman wants to feel like a victoria secret model all the time?!

So this is my intention, crazy I know but

“All the best people are”

So I put it to you, wonderful entrepreneurs of wordpress, either on our instagram or our twitter page linked on our home page, what would be the best approach, and what other idea’s would you like to see or think would work well? Use #lauravictoria

Thank you ever so much! And have a bloody spiffing day! Xo


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