Puppy Days

Hi guys

It’s just a short post today, my time has been taken up by a small furry thing and it probably will be for a little while more. So I thought I would post:

5 things I have learnt since getting a puppy….

  1. Chew toy.  No, I don’t mean the lovely toys you spend money on; but you, yourself become a rather large chew toy for you’re ‘sweet’ little puppy (please feel free to accentuate the sarcasm on ‘sweet’ -_-). You might as well say goodbye to your clothes and appendages because you no longer haunknownve any claim of them. Say hello to needle sharp pin pricks on parts of your body you wouldn’t think a puppy could get too…
  2. Toilet. Or as we like to call it ‘be quick’ and  usual mean it. However, you will learn to find your house becomes a rather large toilet for your puppy as he/she starts to hold themselves or learns to understand the value of going outside. I shall forever be thankful for the day this beautiful skill was learnt!
  3. Was that you? Never before getting a puppy would I think such a tiny being could create unknown-1such a potent disgusting smell. You want a room cleared, call the pup and get them excited. That room will be empty in a split second!
  4. Sleep? Forget it! Since getting our small bundle of fluff sleep has become something you learn to forget. Much like a baby, your puppy needs your constant attention even if they’re asleep and will (trust me, our puppy has) spend hours yapping and whining until they see your beautiful sleep deprived face.
  5. Time runs away. It’s been exactly three weeks today since we got our little pup, and I’m sure she has tripled in size. Time seems to run away without you and before I know it she’ll be fully grown and wanting to leave home (haha).


All joking aside, she has become a valued member of the family and a good friend. She’s always there (thats only because she’s under your feet) and I don’t think any of us could imagine life without her.


Until next time

Yours Paige xoxo