Having the drive

Once again I am back, it’s been a while since I have posted any blogs!! To be quite honest, I have been out finding myself and finding a way to progress through life in the direction I wish to take. And, I feel it was not fair to pass on advice when I was the one needing it.

So when I say “having the drive” I mean not hopping in your car to nip to the shops for some milk, I mean having the essential drive in life to be who you aim to be in the future. 

In the drive I call my life, I have gone through a few changes.  Where do I start it? Right, OK. Before I was changing my hair colour constantly, almost every week; from green to blue, to purple to black. Now I am a very firey and vibrant red, yes, I mean ginger. Why ginger you may ask? To bring out that unique and firey side to my personality, and to know that my confidence shows, not just in my personality, but in my hair colour. 

Also I am now a student once again, not in A level Law like I once was; but a creative fashion student who studies abstract and contrastic fashion illustrators. I have also become much more independent, but it has taken time just like with everyone. My mother always said “you weren’t the first, and you certainly won’t be the last” so don’t panic, if you need to take a step back in life to see what is right for YOU, get in that car, and drive, drive past the shop and drive to the other side of the planet.

If you’re going to do this for you, get that drive to say “enough”. This isnt about the person you were friends with 5 years ago, or the family dog.
Take the time out, to be confident and not follow the crowd, but to embrace your unique and beautiful self.

I have.



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