Motivation and Inspiration


Who here finds it hard to stay motivated and inspired, to carry on with your goals in life, especially when things seem to be getting hard? I know I do. I find that I give up before I get going sometimes, letting it slide just because I’m seeing to many hurdles to over come.  Which really isn’t the way to do it, is it? No. So I’ve devised some ways to keep my motivation and inspiration constantly topped up just by following these simple steps… Unknown-1

  1. Seek the good reasons. Always look for all the good reasons as to why you’re continuing on with what your doing. Every little step has a good reason behind it, though it may not seem so at first. Take a step back and look, and soon enough you’ll find it, giving you the motivation to carry on! Not all the task you will do will have a reason, however they feel so natural to do they don’t need it. So if your ever stuck doing a task you hate, just remember; look for the good reason as to why your doing it! Unknown-2

2. Change the view. Maybe theres a different way of completing this task, take another look and see if theres a more interesting and preferable way of completing it.  You may doing everything correctly and efficiently, but if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it that way. There are many routes you can take to complete a task effectively and efficiently while enjoying the task, keeping your motivation and inspiration!

3. Find the fun in it. Remember attitude is everything when it comes to completing tasks, making a task interesting and fun will encourage you to do it. Depending on how you look at it will change the attitude towards it, ask yourself ‘how can i make this enjoyable?’ and answers will begin to pop up. As long as you can learn to look at any task as being potentially enjoyable theres no where you can go wrong with this step. (well of course, the odd jobs that no one likes doing!) Unknown

4. See your progress! Never forget to look back at what you have accomplished, even if doesn’t seem like a lot. Remember it won’t happen over night, so every small step taken is one closer to your destination.

5. Reward. Never let an accomplishment slip. Reward and appreciate yourself! Your working hard for this, you deserve it!


Hope this helps!

Until next time


Paige xoxo


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