Say YES!

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Hello all,

How many of you turn things down, shy away from new things just because they’re out of your comfort zone? How often does the word ‘NO’ slip out of your mouths? For me, it’s a regular occurrence.

Being someone who suffers with introvertitis (Yes, I just made that word up!) I can fully understand the feeling of absolute fear when it comes to exploring just outside your ‘safe zone’. Saying no allows us to stay within that zone; allows us to be fully knowing, and being comfortable, in what we are doing. I, myself, can admit hands up that I can be very much a control freak; so when it comes to doing anything that I have know idea in what is happening I just ‘nope’ out of the situation. I run a mile and hide myself away meaning I end up in missing out of some amazing adventures and experiences!

I have come to find 90% of the time I allow my mind to take over, it begins to make the decisions for me. It shows me all the wonderful qualities of my ‘safe zone’, you know all the home comforts; and that outside is a cold and scary place, when really it isn’t. Its just a world of new and exciting possibilities. Introvertitis is and can be confining only allowing you to take small steps, shadowing the brighter colours of the world around you. And to be honest with you, I’ve had enough. Ive had enough of taking those baby steps, i want to take long strides and fully shake away the fear. Do I want to keep having to turn things down just because my mind is racing a mile a minute coming up with every scenario under the sun? No and neither should you!


Its about time to say yes! It may take time, to shake away the beasties that keep creeping their way back in. But its important to start, start saying yes even to the smallest of opportunities. Begin to take those strides out of your comfort zone. Its time to start saying “I’m glad I did that.” instead of “I wished I did that.” or at least “Im glad I tried that.” It is better to try than not to do it, its okay to worry sometimes allow yourself to do that, but make sure to dip your feet in the water, test it out before you say no. At least then you won’t have the words ‘What if” floating around your head. (Make sure to check out my other post ‘What if’!!).

Make it your mission, like my own, to say yes to at least one thing a day. Weather it may be  going to the restaurant, table for one or taking the train somewhere new for the day or by simply saying yes to that pair of to die for heels you’ve been wanting forever. Seize the moments in your life so you can look back on them and smile, remembering that you said yes and you took control, (or didn’t have control in my case haha) and you enjoyed it never the less.




Sometimes all it takes is for you to step back and have a look at the bigger picture, we have one go at life (Unless you believe differently) and we have to make the most of it. Happiness is something we can all reach and all it might  take is for us to say YES




Until next time,


Paige xoxo



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