Haters gonna hate

Hi guys,

Are you ready for another deep blog?

Hate is something we all have to deal with, weather it be a nasty comment on your Instagram or a subtle throw from your friend, we all receive it. Hate plays a major part in everybody lives, weather they’re receiving it or giving it. A few choice words can have a major impact on your day, or someone else’s; it can change their whole outlook on certain things and how they may feel deep within themselves. Its crazy to think how strong words are, and how much power they hold! And we as a society have a control over them, how we use them and yet all we seem to do is use them to attack one and other. Hate is such a strong emotion, and too feel it is even stronger. But it all steams from your opinions and idealism, weather towards someone or within yourself. Hate can be crippling for people, and to think we, as human beings who have emotions, allow ourselves to cause such destruction within others is astonishing. Think about it, if we were on the receiving end of the hate we were about to give could we handle it? How would it effect us??

I, myself, have had my fair share of hate, and given it. It is all apart of discovering 2b43e3028768294779d14a27fb19145aourselves and our emotions. But to stop and think prior to the givi
ng of hate, and truly digesting your own words is vital. Hate can be aimed at anyone, you even aim it at yourself; all those times you have criticised your choices or even the way you look. You have spat hate.

Don’t get me wrong we are all entitled to our own opinions! If you disagree with someone that IS FINE, but don’t throw harsh and nasty comment at them. Is it really necessary??



Any how, the most important thing is how you let it effect you. Which really the answer to that it is, don’t. Don’t let it effect you, don’t let it chew you up and spit you back out. At the end of the day its someones opinion or maybe their jealousy! Think about it like this, does this person truly know you? Do they know every in and out of your life, your past, the things you’ve done? And is it fair to allow yourself to digest the hurtful things they have said after only getting a snapshot of you? No, its not. At the end of the day, you are your own beautiful person, don’t let anyone tell you any different. You choices and decisions only truly effect one person…you. And to let someone else words create such an impact on you is wrong. No one really knows you like yourself, no one can really understand you like yourself. And sometimes we forget that, relying on others to build up our self esteem, to try and understand how we feel. But end up with it being thrown back in our faces!

So the next time you feel the itching to spout out some hate  because you don’t agree with something someone has said or done, just think. Process your own words, digest them, how are they making YOU feel? And then walk away.

Until next time


Paige xoxo


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