For the love of underwear


Underwear, we all love it, we all have it, we all need it; and women more so love a good bra or comfortable knickers, but are we ashamed to embrace it? Through the centuries women and men’s underwear has changed dramatically, from men’s open pee pouches, to women’s whale bone corsets that give you that tiny waist. Certain brands such as Ann Summers and Victoria’s Secret promote less basic underwear such as the average bra and pants, but more baby dolls and basks. Do we, after years of lace feel ashamed to try more styles? Is there a wrong stereotype put on to underwear with more to it making it so called “erotic”? And are we now to scared to wear it on a daily basis?


I happen to live in the countryside of England, so everything different is considered “odd” so you can imagine the shock when the book “fifty shades of grey” came out, and then the film, everyone was horrified. But what I don’t understand, is how there is still a stereotype around underwear with has more to it. I actually prefer to wear more such as the hyped up “waist trainer” or a bask or waist clincher, but not necessarily for that tiny waist, but because it corrects posture and feels natural.underwear trainer

Answer me this, are we being scared into thinking that it is wrong to wear these sorts of things? Are we being led to believe that after all these years of stocking and corsets are harmful to us? Lately after the new hype of waist training, all over social media, people have been warning women to not try it, or only allow 2 hours of wear. However I do believe for centuries women wore corsets and trainers for up to 8/9 hours a day? Maybe even longer. I feel we should be judging whether underwear is ‘to erotic’ or is ‘harmful’ you should embrace it, but never take it to extreme levels. But I do believe we should all stop stereotyping what women for centuries have embraced.

So ladies, and men, get out your cards and cash, and go out and get yourself something nice and lacy and don’t give a hoot! I sure don’t!


Much love! Laura_Victoria




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