Warmer Weather

Hello all,

As the weather in Britain seems to warming up, I think its about time to update the clothing in my wardrobe! So throwing out the jumpers and thick cardigans and replacing them with t-shirts and vests is a must of now. However after having a look at my current summer wardrobe I seemed to be missing a few pieces, guess that means a shopping trip was in order!! So I hit the websites and the high streets hard and found some key items I’m absolutely in love with. (However for those of you who live in Britain know how unpredictable the weather is here, all these items are suitable for the hot sunny days, or those wet rainy days!)


I hope this post may give you little inspiration if you’re stuck as to what to buy to spruce up or add to your summer wardrobe. Its all about mixing, matching and layering. Make sure though, when shopping you explore the sale rails as they have some awesome pieces hidden on there! Heres a few of the articles of clothing that I have purchased. (You’ll notice a running theme…most are from New look. And as you’ll know from a previous post, I LOVE New  look.)


  1. New look – Blue tile print, cold shoulder dress £8.00 in sale


2. New look – Grey floral print button up skirt £22.99


3. New look – Pale grey funnel neck body suit £5.00 in sale


4. New look – Petite black strappy body suit £7.00 in sale


5. New look – Cream lace trim smock dress £11.00


6. New look – Black floral print bomber jacket £15.00 in sale


7. Top shop – Moto black joni skinny ripped knee jeans £38.00


8. Top shop – Mickey Mouse vintage cropped hoodie £30.00


9. New look – White lace up striped sole plimsoles £7.49 in sale


10. New look – Black zip front block heel £22.99



Until next time


Paige xoxo




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