A little time in the sun

Hi guys,

I have just gotten back from a lovely week in the sun. Portugal, Algarve was my destination. I can’t believe how quickly the week went, but I enjoyed every second of it! Where I stayed was close to a little town called Monchique, somewhere I would recommend to anyone! If your looking for a quaint little town, with picturesque views of the mountains and many colourful streets, Monchique is the place for you. The sights around where I stayed were breath taking, and during many of my escapades I discovered a bustling little area known as Caldas de Monchique. A small little square made up of a large hotel, and former Roman Spa. There were many little walks around the area, all covered by gorgeous elm trees, allowing a small relief from the heat which on some days reach 41 degrees. PHEW!

For my small week away I took my  little camera, which hasn’t seen the light of day for many months and took a tonne load of photos. (Between you and me, it was rather ridiculous. I snapped nearly everything I saw) and I decided I’d share some of my favourite with you! Here we go…


Until next time


Paige xoxo



Recipe for a happy lifey

Good afternoon guys! Where ever you are. It’s Laura back again, but with a dash of optimism to get you in the right mind set for eternal happiness ! What ever job you may have, how ever many hours you may work, and where ever your job takes you, there is one thing that gets us all in life at some point, that either makes us or breaks us. The term “stress” and it can haunt people for a life time, or for one assignment due in a week, but either way, it’s a pain in the…. anyway! Moving on. I have devised my perfect pointers for a stress free (or releaving stress) life, and to push for better thoughts and a better perspective in life, so you can live the only life you have, to it’s full potential! 1! Don’t think to much. Now I know this sounds very silly, and a hard thing to do living in a fast paced world but honestly, don’t think, or think as little as possible. An old women in her 100’s once said that the key to a long healthy life is to never think more than required. Grab yourself a cup of tea, a rich tea biccy and go sit out in the garden for a few hours, as nothing in life can be resolved by stress or worry. But thinking less it allows your body and mind to relax and calm down helping your heart to not work more than it needs to, and it will instantly make you feel more grounded!

1! Put that silly object down!! you know what i’m talking about, that phone! Or any electronical device for that matter! Now don’t get me wrong, technology s a fabulous thing that save hundreds of lives a day, it for sale purposes what they don’t tell you is that is also destroys live. Mental health recently s getting much much worse, this is partly due to people spending to many hours staring at a screen and forgetting to livedog walking.jpg their lives. From personal experience, things such as anxiety, depression, paranoia and the list continues. Technology is also a lead cause of stress, if you put that object down for lets say, 2 hours and grab a sandwich and bottle of juice, take yourself out fr a walk, or make the dog walk you! The exercise tires the mind and allows you to calm down, and also fresh air actually helps you sleep better. So a tip from me is, at the end of the day after work, grab a shower and an apple, grab your fluffy companion, and walk. And leave that darn device at home!

2! Don’t let anything get to you! Act like a pair of curtains, and pull yourself together. What today’s generation aren’t being taught, is how to toughen up. Yes i agree some people should learn to respect each other, but in the mean time, is you’ve got a mardy boss, arrogant relative or annoying partner. Just tell them simply where to go (if you sassknow what i mean) because at the end of the day, an argument will only last so long. Pop out you travel magazine or Vogue magazine, get a smoothie or cuppa, and just ignore ’em, pretend you are in Venice. Sounds sill and maybe impossible, but honestly, it works. Or Youtube ‘Carl Pilkington – Pod cast’ and pop your headphones in, it’s good stuff! So at the end of that day people are people, and there all irritating, so turn a blind eye, because ‘Ain’t nobody got time for dat’

3! Do the things you enjoy most in life! By this i mean, the things you get the most enjoyment out of in life, you can never do enough of because to much of a good thing for me, isn’t a bad thing. Let’s say you enjoy reading, make it a mission of yours to collect achoclate.jpg certain group of books, or all the classic book such as Jane Austen of all the Disney books. Or perhaps you enjoy tennis, play it more often or start to build up your skills to aim to be somewhere with it in a year’s time. or if you love food, spend more time in the kitchen preparing things or creating your own dishes. Or you could just decorate cakes, as baking is a form of therapy, much like gardening minus the trees plus the sugar content.

4! A different perspective! Sometimes in life all you need is to change you perspective. Now, i did hear this from a film (original i know) but honestly, it is so so true, sometimes when you view something as being awful, you dread the thought of work tomorrow or of a certain thing happening which causes you stress, just step back and think about it for a doughnutsecond. How bad is it really going to be? wearing an extra bi of lippy, go out and buy a new Armani suit, grab a chocolate filled croissant on the way, or just think ‘today i’m going to use thee word ‘cheese’ as many times as i can today at work just to feel good and get a better perspective f how fun it can be. Or just think about the most stressful thing for you, and associate it with something hilarious or uplifting that you love.


SOO guys that raps it up here for today, hope your feeling more lively or just got idea’s of how to have a better shift at work! Have a wonderful days and i’ll see you soon! Chin up!



Haters gonna hate

Hi guys,

Are you ready for another deep blog?

Hate is something we all have to deal with, weather it be a nasty comment on your Instagram or a subtle throw from your friend, we all receive it. Hate plays a major part in everybody lives, weather they’re receiving it or giving it. A few choice words can have a major impact on your day, or someone else’s; it can change their whole outlook on certain things and how they may feel deep within themselves. Its crazy to think how strong words are, and how much power they hold! And we as a society have a control over them, how we use them and yet all we seem to do is use them to attack one and other. Hate is such a strong emotion, and too feel it is even stronger. But it all steams from your opinions and idealism, weather towards someone or within yourself. Hate can be crippling for people, and to think we, as human beings who have emotions, allow ourselves to cause such destruction within others is astonishing. Think about it, if we were on the receiving end of the hate we were about to give could we handle it? How would it effect us??

I, myself, have had my fair share of hate, and given it. It is all apart of discovering 2b43e3028768294779d14a27fb19145aourselves and our emotions. But to stop and think prior to the givi
ng of hate, and truly digesting your own words is vital. Hate can be aimed at anyone, you even aim it at yourself; all those times you have criticised your choices or even the way you look. You have spat hate.

Don’t get me wrong we are all entitled to our own opinions! If you disagree with someone that IS FINE, but don’t throw harsh and nasty comment at them. Is it really necessary??



Any how, the most important thing is how you let it effect you. Which really the answer to that it is, don’t. Don’t let it effect you, don’t let it chew you up and spit you back out. At the end of the day its someones opinion or maybe their jealousy! Think about it like this, does this person truly know you? Do they know every in and out of your life, your past, the things you’ve done? And is it fair to allow yourself to digest the hurtful things they have said after only getting a snapshot of you? No, its not. At the end of the day, you are your own beautiful person, don’t let anyone tell you any different. You choices and decisions only truly effect one person…you. And to let someone else words create such an impact on you is wrong. No one really knows you like yourself, no one can really understand you like yourself. And sometimes we forget that, relying on others to build up our self esteem, to try and understand how we feel. But end up with it being thrown back in our faces!

So the next time you feel the itching to spout out some hate  because you don’t agree with something someone has said or done, just think. Process your own words, digest them, how are they making YOU feel? And then walk away.

Until next time


Paige xoxo

For the love of underwear


Underwear, we all love it, we all have it, we all need it; and women more so love a good bra or comfortable knickers, but are we ashamed to embrace it? Through the centuries women and men’s underwear has changed dramatically, from men’s open pee pouches, to women’s whale bone corsets that give you that tiny waist. Certain brands such as Ann Summers and Victoria’s Secret promote less basic underwear such as the average bra and pants, but more baby dolls and basks. Do we, after years of lace feel ashamed to try more styles? Is there a wrong stereotype put on to underwear with more to it making it so called “erotic”? And are we now to scared to wear it on a daily basis?


I happen to live in the countryside of England, so everything different is considered “odd” so you can imagine the shock when the book “fifty shades of grey” came out, and then the film, everyone was horrified. But what I don’t understand, is how there is still a stereotype around underwear with has more to it. I actually prefer to wear more such as the hyped up “waist trainer” or a bask or waist clincher, but not necessarily for that tiny waist, but because it corrects posture and feels natural.underwear trainer

Answer me this, are we being scared into thinking that it is wrong to wear these sorts of things? Are we being led to believe that after all these years of stocking and corsets are harmful to us? Lately after the new hype of waist training, all over social media, people have been warning women to not try it, or only allow 2 hours of wear. However I do believe for centuries women wore corsets and trainers for up to 8/9 hours a day? Maybe even longer. I feel we should be judging whether underwear is ‘to erotic’ or is ‘harmful’ you should embrace it, but never take it to extreme levels. But I do believe we should all stop stereotyping what women for centuries have embraced.

So ladies, and men, get out your cards and cash, and go out and get yourself something nice and lacy and don’t give a hoot! I sure don’t!


Much love! Laura_Victoria



Warmer Weather

Hello all,

As the weather in Britain seems to warming up, I think its about time to update the clothing in my wardrobe! So throwing out the jumpers and thick cardigans and replacing them with t-shirts and vests is a must of now. However after having a look at my current summer wardrobe I seemed to be missing a few pieces, guess that means a shopping trip was in order!! So I hit the websites and the high streets hard and found some key items I’m absolutely in love with. (However for those of you who live in Britain know how unpredictable the weather is here, all these items are suitable for the hot sunny days, or those wet rainy days!)


I hope this post may give you little inspiration if you’re stuck as to what to buy to spruce up or add to your summer wardrobe. Its all about mixing, matching and layering. Make sure though, when shopping you explore the sale rails as they have some awesome pieces hidden on there! Heres a few of the articles of clothing that I have purchased. (You’ll notice a running theme…most are from New look. And as you’ll know from a previous post, I LOVE New  look.)


  1. New look – Blue tile print, cold shoulder dress £8.00 in sale


2. New look – Grey floral print button up skirt £22.99


3. New look – Pale grey funnel neck body suit £5.00 in sale


4. New look – Petite black strappy body suit £7.00 in sale


5. New look – Cream lace trim smock dress £11.00


6. New look – Black floral print bomber jacket £15.00 in sale


7. Top shop – Moto black joni skinny ripped knee jeans £38.00


8. Top shop – Mickey Mouse vintage cropped hoodie £30.00


9. New look – White lace up striped sole plimsoles £7.49 in sale


10. New look – Black zip front block heel £22.99



Until next time


Paige xoxo