The funny things count

The funny things in life are the best.

In life everyone has their own priorities, such as wealth, family, cars, better carrier, material things.

But what really counts?

Growing up in the countryside of England with a small historic city, family is everything, but growing up I have found each family ingrains different morals into their children. “Go to uni” “get a job” “get a nice car for your 18th” “do well for yourself” However I was brought up with some very different morals which I am very fortunate to have, so let me put this to you.



My father always said to me, coming from a very down to earth family.

“Family, blood is blood, and at the end of the day as long as you have your health and the health if the family and people you care about around you, you will always be alright”

Let me break this up a bit, material things at the end of the day may make you happy, retail therapy and the rest. But family will always hold you when times get rough, the shoulder to cry on, your reassurance after a hard day at work. meaningless objects wont be there by your bedside in sickness, they won’t be a person giving advice, so stop and think.

Not about the next pay check, the next phone upgrade, the new car you’ve always wanted, the new Prada handbags.

Don’t make the same mistake, have the right priorities in life, and hold on to them.

A laugh at slapstick comedy with the family is a memory, your phone is a distraction.



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