Orange Chocolate Rocky Road


Hey guys,

Heres the promised reciepe for our Orange Chocolate Rocky Road! Its quick and easy, and definitely delicious!


250g Orange Flavoured Dark Chocolate                  150g Unsalted Butter

180g Marshmallows                                                       2tbsps Golden Syrup

150g Maltersers and Twix                                             150g Milk Chocolate

150g Digestive Biscuits

Things you will need:

Bowl, Spoons, Measuring scales, Grease proof paper, Tray, Resealable bags, Rolling pin.



  1. Half melt butter in microwave and add broken milk and dark chocolate. Add 2tbsps of golden syrup and then remicrowave.
  2. Once melted remove and stir. Leave to cool for a few minutes.
  3. Crush digestive biscuits in resealable bag, using a rolling pin. Once into smallish chunks, add to mixture and stir.
  4. Add marshmallows, Twix and Maltesers (or whatever you wish to add!) and stir until all ingredients are covered in chocolate.
  5. Distribute EVENLY into previously lined tray and press down so it is compact.
  6. Place in fridge to set and then enjoy


Theres a video up on our youtube channel, so head on over and check it out!!

Orange Chocolate Rocky Road| 2close2cope

Please feel free to adapt the recipe and make it your own, but make sure to send us photos so we can see them!

Send the photos to our twitter @2close_2cope or our insta 2close2cope

Until next time


Paige xoxo               Laura_Victoria



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