Skincare Saturdays

Hello all!

It’s Paige here again, and I’m wanting to talk about skincare! Something we all seem to forget about, or push to one side. Its a one of the most important things to maintain, after all we depend on our skin greatly, so we must take care of it!!

This is an amazing quote, something we should all remember…Unknown.png

Weather it be our faces, body or feet every inch of us needs to be pampered, and they all deserve their own product. Our skin varies depending on its location, the skin on your feet is very different to that on your face, so it is essential that what we use on it is specified to just that. Being someone with oily mixed skin can understand the hardship there is in buying  skincare products! There are so many different brands, products saying they do certain things, that they suit this type of skin…blah blah blah. It all gets a little much, doesn’t it?! You begin to wonder ‘What do I buy then?? ‘, ‘ Is it worth it?’ And just like that its pushed to one side and forgotten about. Your skin is then screaming at you to moisturise, get rid of this rubbish on me!! Ugh, now what? 

Easy, you follow some simple steps, buy products that suit your skin type and BAM fabulous! So hopefully the rest of this post should help you understand a little better about skincare.


The simple steps are as easy as 1 2 3.

1. Cleanse. Weather that be a body scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells and grime of the day. Or a face wash to clean off that amazing make up you had done earlier. Removing those nasty layers that sit on the skin, clogging the pores can greatly help with cleaning the skin deeply.

Some of the products I use for this step is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. This is perfect for some one with sensitive skin as it isn’t harsh or abrasive; it cleanses the skin and helps soothe it. For my body I may use Sugar Crush Body Scrub from Soap and Glory. It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed!

2. Toner. For skincare freak like me I love to use a facial toner. It goes that extra mile after a cleanse to get rid of anymore nasties that maybe left on your face. it refreshes the skin and closes the pores, giving you an extra layer of protection.  Also, if your someone who suffers with oily or acne prone skin purchase yourself a toner, it may just become your best friend!

The toner I use is Simple Kind to Skin, Soothing Facial Toner. It has become my saviour and helped greatly with dealing with my oily T zone!

3. Moisturise!! Make sure when buying a moisturiser it is right for your skin. As I have said before I suffer with oily skin my face, and buying moisturisers with added oils is a disaster! So when I’m buying I always look for, as you can guess, suitable for oily skin. Every square inch of your body needs to be moisturised at least once a week, it deserves it. Moisturising gives the skin that extra boast of hydration it needs, being exposed to the elements constantly drys your skin making it prone to cracking and become sore and red; which isn’t really a pretty look. So gets your self some moisturiser specified to each part of your body, your feet and face won’t need the same products so don’t try and cheat your way out that way. Buy a moisturisers specified to your body, feet and face.

Products I use are NSPA’s Almond Oil Rich Body Butter and it smells divine and makes my skin feel like silk! On my face I use a variation between Simple’s Spotless Skin Anti-blemish Moisturiser and Garnier’s Pure Active Matte Control Anti-shine, Anti-blemish. Both give amazing results and have helped greatly with controlling the oiliness of my facial skin. And on my feet I use Scholl’s Dry Skin Recover Cream, it ha had an amazing effect on my feet since I have started using it. My feet are now silky smooth and feel renewed!

So the next time you go out and look at the skin care products I hope you remember this post and purchase some small bits. You don’t have to buy every single one of these items some brands do a collective products which may combine steps together. Its best for you to shop around and finds what best for you and your skin!

This will be the first of many Skincare Saturdays!

Until next time,


Paige xoxo



The funny things count

The funny things in life are the best.

In life everyone has their own priorities, such as wealth, family, cars, better carrier, material things.

But what really counts?

Growing up in the countryside of England with a small historic city, family is everything, but growing up I have found each family ingrains different morals into their children. “Go to uni” “get a job” “get a nice car for your 18th” “do well for yourself” However I was brought up with some very different morals which I am very fortunate to have, so let me put this to you.



My father always said to me, coming from a very down to earth family.

“Family, blood is blood, and at the end of the day as long as you have your health and the health if the family and people you care about around you, you will always be alright”

Let me break this up a bit, material things at the end of the day may make you happy, retail therapy and the rest. But family will always hold you when times get rough, the shoulder to cry on, your reassurance after a hard day at work. meaningless objects wont be there by your bedside in sickness, they won’t be a person giving advice, so stop and think.

Not about the next pay check, the next phone upgrade, the new car you’ve always wanted, the new Prada handbags.

Don’t make the same mistake, have the right priorities in life, and hold on to them.

A laugh at slapstick comedy with the family is a memory, your phone is a distraction.




Hello guys! welcome back once again for a cheeky wish list Wednesday! however this week we are on the topic of the must have skin care products! so let’s get to it!

So if you have ever been for a facial or spa break, you’ll know that they apply different products to different area’s of your face, depending on skin texture and skin type. For example, oily skin around the nose and cheeks, however dry and sensitive around the chin and forehead. So this is a wish list guide to the best products to combine for the perfect skin!





  1. Lancome hydration cream- This is my first product which i feel is a MUST HAVE for very sensitive and oily skin. In the past, we have all known the frustration trying to fine a moisturiser for oily skin, but i think i have found the perfect match! This Lancome cream is very light, however it is also thick (if that’s possible!) you only need a finger-tips worth and it goes a long way. It also provides a thick layer across the skin giving it a protected feel, but even with oily skin, actually makes it less oily. If you don’t believe me, try it!

Skin type for- Oily or overly dry skin that needs an extra layer.



2. Skin food- Are you one of those people who believes in organic products that look delicious and almost edible? something adorable? Look no further! Welcome to Skin Food. Another Korean brand that is extremely popular by Korean celebrities and idols which produces fast results. This is a big hit as a lot of idols prefer organic and deliciously smelling products to maintain their glowing healthy skin. And if it helps the environment then you can’t go wrong! Just go to their website and have a cheeky peek and the mass amount of products available for reasonable prices, there is something for everyone!

Skin type for- All

Click here for the full website!-SKINFOOD.COM





3. Missha time revolution- Missha is one of Korea’s best selling brands of all time, a classic favourite for providing the best products with the best results for a reasonable price. A lot of people would never really think of Korea as a leading skin care provider, but if you do your homework, Korean’s are known for having some of the best skin ever, they aim for clean, shiny, glowing skin. This is perfect for all skin types as they provide so many variations in the products for all skin textures, and with the amazing reviews, you can’t go wrong!

skin type for- All





4. Clarins double serum- For all the people that think you don’t need anti-ageing cream till later on in life, it has actually been proven that the earlier you start to use anti-ageing creams, the better your skin elasticity stays! This is one of the best serums out there to date! for ever the creme of the crop for maintaining the best skin for years to come. With a careful combination of 20 plant extracts, this leads to amazing results such as less visible pores, tightened skin and a natural glow.

skin type for- All and also very dry skin.





5. The body shop seaweed purifying facial cleanser- This cleanser is by far a winner, not only made with natural products, but the seaweed smells delicious! All the ingredience included leave for a refashion but also mattifying finish which is perfect for closing the pores for not allowing anymore grime back into your newly polished skin! This is one of the more affordable options for clearer skin, and the best thing about this is that it is, i feel, perfect for ALL skin types.

skin type for- All




The mummy mud mask is a korean must have on EVERYONE’S list right now. Ever had those open pores and bad spot problems? no problem, we’ve got you here at 2close2cope.

The mummy mud mask is an all in one face mask that mummify to your skin and sucks all the disgusting stuff from your skin leaving you with naturally lightened and glowing skin, all fresh as if you’ve been asleep for centuries, if you get me ūüėČ

At a reasonable price, and dramatic effects in one use, i can’t speak enough about this treatment, i have never seen results so quick in my life, so this is something you MUST buy this summer to achieve the best skin, and a cheeky ‘at home spa day’

Click here to see the full website and videos reviews-  Mummy Mud Mask

Have a fabulous Wednesday!




Orange Chocolate Rocky Road


Hey guys,

Heres the promised reciepe for our Orange Chocolate Rocky Road! Its quick and easy, and definitely delicious!


250g Orange Flavoured Dark Chocolate                  150g Unsalted Butter

180g Marshmallows                                                       2tbsps Golden Syrup

150g Maltersers and Twix                                             150g Milk Chocolate

150g Digestive Biscuits

Things you will need:

Bowl, Spoons, Measuring scales, Grease proof paper, Tray, Resealable bags, Rolling pin.



  1. Half melt butter in microwave and add broken milk and dark chocolate. Add 2tbsps of golden syrup and then remicrowave.
  2. Once melted remove and stir. Leave to cool for a few minutes.
  3. Crush digestive biscuits in resealable bag, using a rolling pin. Once into smallish chunks, add to mixture and stir.
  4. Add marshmallows, Twix and Maltesers (or whatever you wish to add!) and stir until all ingredients are covered in chocolate.
  5. Distribute EVENLY into previously lined tray and press down so it is compact.
  6. Place in fridge to set and then enjoy


Theres a video up on our youtube channel, so head on over and check it out!!

Orange Chocolate Rocky Road| 2close2cope

Please feel free to adapt the recipe and make it your own, but make sure to send us photos so we can see them!

Send the photos to our twitter @2close_2cope or our insta 2close2cope

Until next time


Paige xoxo               Laura_Victoria