High street budget


Hello again,

Who here loves fashion, loves to keep up with the latest trend but has a budget to shop on. Isn’t this the ultimate dilemma that most of us face?  You can spend hours trolling around shops looking and desperately searching for a cheaper version of that Versace dress you saw on your fav celeb, only to come to no avail. So I thought I’d use this post to tell you some of my favourite high street shops to shop at when your on a budget, and some items of your wardrobe that should be staple and something you could maybe a splash a little  more on.

When shopping I find it best to do a bit of research before actually hitting the shops. Look online at the latest trends, figure out what is your style and then look up the cheaper brands. Keep your outfit idea in mind and work your way through those sales and new ins. Many shops who are online have deals, so sign up for newsletters as they usually give one off deals to those who are! For example, Newlook, I joined them a year ago and have never looked back. They send through emails, which keep me up to date with latest trends and their amazing deals. Once you have completed your background research, get yourself shopping!

Next thing, favourite high streets shops I only have a few, but I thinks its best to stick to the brands you love and trust:

Newlook – I absolutely love them! They have some of the best sales on and deals and the website is amazing, it has helped and inspired me many times when desperately searching for some style inspiration. I always look forward to my new look deliveries after a major splurge!!

Top Shop – They are alway bang up to trend with their clothing and accessories and you can’t argue on their amazing quality.

Zara – What can I say. Beautiful clothing, awesome prices.

Boohoo – Yes I know their online, but in my eyes they’re still high street. I bought an amazing coat from them a few years ago, its still in the brilliant condition now as the time I bought it.


When it comes to your wardrobe it is essential that you have some staple items, such as a killer leather jacket or a pair of to die for heals. This is something you can spend a little more cash on that will bring your wardrobe together and it will last you a longer time. But this staple item is up to you to decide as everyones style is slightly different. But make sure when your are purchasing it, it is worth those extra few pounds! For example, for my wardrobe I bought a Khaki Parker (which was from boohoo), but this is an item of clothing that will not go out of fashion for a while so in the long run it was an item worth spending a little more money on!

Shopping is all about balance, a balance we all come to learn about. Money over being up to trend, and being able to find that particular balance is the ultimate key!!

I hope this helps and inspires you!!

Until next time,


Paige xoxo





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