It’s Laura here once again,

So while I was sat here, laptop on knee, cuppa tea in hand, ‘come dine with me’ in the background, I was thinking, why not a ‘fashion wish list Wednesday’ ?. Where I post all the juicy fashion idea’s for your week, for either idea’s, or just some bits and bobs you may want to purchase 🙂

So let’s get to it !


Army green dungarees are the perfect way to start off the spring/summer, especially if you live in a cool country or one with unpredictable weather like here in the UK. They can be matched with almost everything, from a crop top in the heat, to a floor length coat in the rain and wind. £18.00


lng sleeved bardot jersey crop top


I have paired the dungarees with this black jersey long sleeved crop top, as it suits all kinds of weather, whether it’s sunny or breezy. It also keeps this look effortless but cute, meaning you can pair it up with bright accessories and bold footwear. Or just paired with anything in your wardrobe to give it a slight vintage look to any outfit.

Missguided- £8.00

daisy statement layered coin necklace

Now for my favorite bit! accessories!. Because this look is very safe it means you are able to jazz it up with bold jewelry or accessories, so i chose this daisy statement necklace. I think it gives a very Spanish feel to the look and brings out the summer feel and paired with natural hair and makeup with really emphasis his piece.

Debenhams- £8.00

lara gold mixed chain detail ring set

Also to add to the accessories, this beautiful Lara gold ring set is just another summer must have, it compliments any outfit you wish to wear, and works well this the above necklace, and the designs and chains just give it a more unique feel to this plain look. £5.00

black suede tassel cluth.jpgWe all know in summer we must have a multi-purpose bag, and that is what i have for you right here. This black tassel bag is also a clutch bag too, so you are able to alter to your mood. This would continue with our theme of a slightly Spanish feel, complimenting the gold jewelry. This is a bit more pricier, but i feel this is a MUST HAVE investment, especially if you are heading off to a festival this summer!.

NEXT- £52.00

faith- orange 'jarvis' suede sandals

Now for footwear, and because we’ve played it safe with the colors so far, a bright/bold colored footwear would complete this look with an edgy statement. i chose a slightly burnt orange color as in the summer i feel it’s just the color you must include somewhere. It brings out a very Mediterranean holiday kinda too, but still adds on a wee bit of height. These Jarvin faith suede sandals paired with some cute anklets, just the best combo, like nutella and strawberries, mmmm.

Debenhams- now down to £39.20

dune- orange 'maida' loop high heel sadals

As an alternative pair of footwear, if you are off out for a nice afternoon lunch, off shopping with your friends, or even just want to spice it up with some sexy heels. A pair of these Dune heels in orange are where it’s at, i mean c’mon, look at them their beautiful!. It will compliment the army green and gold accessories and everyone will look up to you. (approximately 4 inches more haha!) they are a bit more pricey, but well worth it, i assure you!.

Debenhams- £85.00

I feel that this summer there are a lot of good deals out there on very good quality brands, with a lot of great designs for the summer, and the color choices are endless! These are just a few idea’s from high street shops to get you in the mood for the hot weather to come! and to start building your perfect summer wardrobe.

Much love, Laura_Victoria


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