Being you is the best thing you can do!

Hello my friends,

Heres a quick quote that I love that really hits home on what is really important. ‘To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest  accomplishment.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Anyway, to continue on with the post…

As a fellow ‘hider’, I understand that individuality can be a hard thing to express. We all live in a world that has expectations, forms to which we must conform too and that’s for both men and women. And in this day and age it is hard to show the world our true selves’ without being judged! We all end up hiding away the quirks that make up ourselves, what make us unique and special, tending to only show what people want to see. The world around us constantly bombards us with images and outlines of ‘perfect’ something to which we should aspire to and wish to be. And lets be honest we all end looking through magazines or lusting over a model on a picture in a shop wishing we looked like that and had that body. When really we should be loving and excepting the body we have and making everyone else wish they had what we had!

Being yourself is the most important thing in the world, loving yourself for being who your are should be a priority. Being able to look in the mirror and say ‘hey, this is me and I love me’ should be something we should all be able to. But the unfortunate truth is it isn’t something we all can do. I myself, amongst many others can look at yourself and see every flaw under the sun, pick out anything and everything wrong. When really there isn’t probably any flaw at all, we’re are just being force fed misconceptions of what we should look and be like. I am aware that a lot of the time most of these things are directed at girls, and well look at a magazine stand…?! But it is equally as hard for men, us girls do also have misconceptions of how men look like and act. Don’t worry dudes, I got your back! (insert a chuckle!)

We all prejudge someone, there’s no escaping that, but having that in mind we should realise that we should except them for being them like we would hope them to do for us.

I know and understand you’ve probably read and heard this all before, and you’re probably thinking it isn’t as easy as just changing your mind set or saying ‘I love myself’. I know this as I have been there, I go there even now, but I remember there’s only one me and the world would be a pretty boring place without me. I used this motto among many other things to help better self appreciation, weather that was through writing it down in a diary, talking with someone or just having a good cryI managed to fight my way through my dark thoughts and ‘popped’ out the other side. Now I live life with a different view, a more lighter view, don’t get me wrong I still have bad moments, but its much easier to smile than it is to frown!!


Until next time,


Paige XOXO


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