Changing it up

Hi guys,

So these past few days I’ve been redecorating and sprucing up my room! And I’ve come to realise you don’t need to spend on awful lot to create a dramatic change. Now a days we don’t have a lot of time or the money to revigorate our homes and living spaces which is sometimes something we desperately want to do to recreate a better living area. So I thought I would use this post to write down my 5 tips on how to change a space in your house on a budget!

  1. Paint the furniture you already have. In my room, all of my furniture is wooden, so I was easily able to recreate a look just buy simply painting it a different colour. I choose white and only painted a few light coats to create a distressed look. But just by doing this I have established a whole new look to my space!
  2. Paint one wall. Create a feature on one wall. Why not go for a bright, bold colour; I have used a dark duck egg in my room. And by doing this I have created a vocal point and it helps make the space feel a lot more cozy.
  3. Change up the accessories! Try different colour or shape of cushions. Maybe add more pictures or remove some. Pick a colour for your accessories and then buy a load in, but make sure to shop around for the best deals. Its all about changing it up, and experimenting.
  4. Move things around. A simple yet effective way to recreate your space is by moving what you already have in it around. Maybe but the pictures on a different wall, move the sofa somewhere else, look at what you’ve got and switch it up!
  5. Heres an odd one. change the colour of your light bulbs. Instead of the usual harsh light that we’re used to, why not buy a coloured light and create a different atmosphere to your room. Try a pink, or amber colour to create a cozy warm feel..its up to you, recreate that space!


I hope this goes towards helping some of you and creating some ideas!!

Until next time,


Paige xoxo



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