Do you really want it?

It’s Laura here again guys

So we’re on the topic of “getting what you want” and I don’t just mean it by “give it to me” or “manipulation” I mean questioning what do you want and do you really want it?.


We all try extremely hard to get what we want in life, we work hard to get a nice car, a good house, that extra bit of weight off, our dream job. However do we really get what we want? Or what we think we want, do we actually want it?.

Let me explain myself a bit more, do we really want to have that electricity bill through our door, for the house we had to take a loan out for. Did we really want that tax bill for the car that drinks fuel every single day, to go to that dead end job because you never pushed for your dream job as a zoologist. beauty

But you sit in your office every day, clicking through pictures of the Caribbean or the Saudi Arabian desert knowing that’s what you want ultimately, but next thing you know, your 80 tomorrow and you never explored the world you wanted to see.

So do we really want it, or do we just say that we do?

Do we go through life really wanting those bills but saying we want to see the world on our yacht?


Anything that you really want in life you can get it, it’s whether you really want it or not, so stop kidding yourself.

Go and get what you want.

It’s not what you need, but what makes you truly happy.






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