High street budget


Hello again,

Who here loves fashion, loves to keep up with the latest trend but has a budget to shop on. Isn’t this the ultimate dilemma that most of us face?  You can spend hours trolling around shops looking and desperately searching for a cheaper version of that Versace dress you saw on your fav celeb, only to come to no avail. So I thought I’d use this post to tell you some of my favourite high street shops to shop at when your on a budget, and some items of your wardrobe that should be staple and something you could maybe a splash a little  more on.

When shopping I find it best to do a bit of research before actually hitting the shops. Look online at the latest trends, figure out what is your style and then look up the cheaper brands. Keep your outfit idea in mind and work your way through those sales and new ins. Many shops who are online have deals, so sign up for newsletters as they usually give one off deals to those who are! For example, Newlook, I joined them a year ago and have never looked back. They send through emails, which keep me up to date with latest trends and their amazing deals. Once you have completed your background research, get yourself shopping!

Next thing, favourite high streets shops I only have a few, but I thinks its best to stick to the brands you love and trust:

Newlook – I absolutely love them! They have some of the best sales on and deals and the website is amazing, it has helped and inspired me many times when desperately searching for some style inspiration. I always look forward to my new look deliveries after a major splurge!!

Top Shop – They are alway bang up to trend with their clothing and accessories and you can’t argue on their amazing quality.

Zara – What can I say. Beautiful clothing, awesome prices.

Boohoo – Yes I know their online, but in my eyes they’re still high street. I bought an amazing coat from them a few years ago, its still in the brilliant condition now as the time I bought it.


When it comes to your wardrobe it is essential that you have some staple items, such as a killer leather jacket or a pair of to die for heals. This is something you can spend a little more cash on that will bring your wardrobe together and it will last you a longer time. But this staple item is up to you to decide as everyones style is slightly different. But make sure when your are purchasing it, it is worth those extra few pounds! For example, for my wardrobe I bought a Khaki Parker (which was from boohoo), but this is an item of clothing that will not go out of fashion for a while so in the long run it was an item worth spending a little more money on!

Shopping is all about balance, a balance we all come to learn about. Money over being up to trend, and being able to find that particular balance is the ultimate key!!

I hope this helps and inspires you!!

Until next time,


Paige xoxo






It’s Laura here once again,

So while I was sat here, laptop on knee, cuppa tea in hand, ‘come dine with me’ in the background, I was thinking, why not a ‘fashion wish list Wednesday’ ?. Where I post all the juicy fashion idea’s for your week, for either idea’s, or just some bits and bobs you may want to purchase 🙂

So let’s get to it !


Army green dungarees are the perfect way to start off the spring/summer, especially if you live in a cool country or one with unpredictable weather like here in the UK. They can be matched with almost everything, from a crop top in the heat, to a floor length coat in the rain and wind.

Boohoo.com- £18.00


lng sleeved bardot jersey crop top


I have paired the dungarees with this black jersey long sleeved crop top, as it suits all kinds of weather, whether it’s sunny or breezy. It also keeps this look effortless but cute, meaning you can pair it up with bright accessories and bold footwear. Or just paired with anything in your wardrobe to give it a slight vintage look to any outfit.

Missguided- £8.00

daisy statement layered coin necklace

Now for my favorite bit! accessories!. Because this look is very safe it means you are able to jazz it up with bold jewelry or accessories, so i chose this daisy statement necklace. I think it gives a very Spanish feel to the look and brings out the summer feel and paired with natural hair and makeup with really emphasis his piece.

Debenhams- £8.00

lara gold mixed chain detail ring set

Also to add to the accessories, this beautiful Lara gold ring set is just another summer must have, it compliments any outfit you wish to wear, and works well this the above necklace, and the designs and chains just give it a more unique feel to this plain look.

Boohoo.com- £5.00

black suede tassel cluth.jpgWe all know in summer we must have a multi-purpose bag, and that is what i have for you right here. This black tassel bag is also a clutch bag too, so you are able to alter to your mood. This would continue with our theme of a slightly Spanish feel, complimenting the gold jewelry. This is a bit more pricier, but i feel this is a MUST HAVE investment, especially if you are heading off to a festival this summer!.

NEXT- £52.00

faith- orange 'jarvis' suede sandals

Now for footwear, and because we’ve played it safe with the colors so far, a bright/bold colored footwear would complete this look with an edgy statement. i chose a slightly burnt orange color as in the summer i feel it’s just the color you must include somewhere. It brings out a very Mediterranean holiday kinda too, but still adds on a wee bit of height. These Jarvin faith suede sandals paired with some cute anklets, just the best combo, like nutella and strawberries, mmmm.

Debenhams- now down to £39.20

dune- orange 'maida' loop high heel sadals

As an alternative pair of footwear, if you are off out for a nice afternoon lunch, off shopping with your friends, or even just want to spice it up with some sexy heels. A pair of these Dune heels in orange are where it’s at, i mean c’mon, look at them their beautiful!. It will compliment the army green and gold accessories and everyone will look up to you. (approximately 4 inches more haha!) they are a bit more pricey, but well worth it, i assure you!.

Debenhams- £85.00

I feel that this summer there are a lot of good deals out there on very good quality brands, with a lot of great designs for the summer, and the color choices are endless! These are just a few idea’s from high street shops to get you in the mood for the hot weather to come! and to start building your perfect summer wardrobe.

Much love, Laura_Victoria

Being you is the best thing you can do!

Hello my friends,

Heres a quick quote that I love that really hits home on what is really important. ‘To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest  accomplishment.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Anyway, to continue on with the post…

As a fellow ‘hider’, I understand that individuality can be a hard thing to express. We all live in a world that has expectations, forms to which we must conform too and that’s for both men and women. And in this day and age it is hard to show the world our true selves’ without being judged! We all end up hiding away the quirks that make up ourselves, what make us unique and special, tending to only show what people want to see. The world around us constantly bombards us with images and outlines of ‘perfect’ something to which we should aspire to and wish to be. And lets be honest we all end looking through magazines or lusting over a model on a picture in a shop wishing we looked like that and had that body. When really we should be loving and excepting the body we have and making everyone else wish they had what we had!

Being yourself is the most important thing in the world, loving yourself for being who your are should be a priority. Being able to look in the mirror and say ‘hey, this is me and I love me’ should be something we should all be able to. But the unfortunate truth is it isn’t something we all can do. I myself, amongst many others can look at yourself and see every flaw under the sun, pick out anything and everything wrong. When really there isn’t probably any flaw at all, we’re are just being force fed misconceptions of what we should look and be like. I am aware that a lot of the time most of these things are directed at girls, and well look at a magazine stand…?! But it is equally as hard for men, us girls do also have misconceptions of how men look like and act. Don’t worry dudes, I got your back! (insert a chuckle!)

We all prejudge someone, there’s no escaping that, but having that in mind we should realise that we should except them for being them like we would hope them to do for us.

I know and understand you’ve probably read and heard this all before, and you’re probably thinking it isn’t as easy as just changing your mind set or saying ‘I love myself’. I know this as I have been there, I go there even now, but I remember there’s only one me and the world would be a pretty boring place without me. I used this motto among many other things to help better self appreciation, weather that was through writing it down in a diary, talking with someone or just having a good cryI managed to fight my way through my dark thoughts and ‘popped’ out the other side. Now I live life with a different view, a more lighter view, don’t get me wrong I still have bad moments, but its much easier to smile than it is to frown!!


Until next time,


Paige XOXO

Changing it up

Hi guys,

So these past few days I’ve been redecorating and sprucing up my room! And I’ve come to realise you don’t need to spend on awful lot to create a dramatic change. Now a days we don’t have a lot of time or the money to revigorate our homes and living spaces which is sometimes something we desperately want to do to recreate a better living area. So I thought I would use this post to write down my 5 tips on how to change a space in your house on a budget!

  1. Paint the furniture you already have. In my room, all of my furniture is wooden, so I was easily able to recreate a look just buy simply painting it a different colour. I choose white and only painted a few light coats to create a distressed look. But just by doing this I have established a whole new look to my space!
  2. Paint one wall. Create a feature on one wall. Why not go for a bright, bold colour; I have used a dark duck egg in my room. And by doing this I have created a vocal point and it helps make the space feel a lot more cozy.
  3. Change up the accessories! Try different colour or shape of cushions. Maybe add more pictures or remove some. Pick a colour for your accessories and then buy a load in, but make sure to shop around for the best deals. Its all about changing it up, and experimenting.
  4. Move things around. A simple yet effective way to recreate your space is by moving what you already have in it around. Maybe but the pictures on a different wall, move the sofa somewhere else, look at what you’ve got and switch it up!
  5. Heres an odd one. change the colour of your light bulbs. Instead of the usual harsh light that we’re used to, why not buy a coloured light and create a different atmosphere to your room. Try a pink, or amber colour to create a cozy warm feel..its up to you, recreate that space!


I hope this goes towards helping some of you and creating some ideas!!

Until next time,


Paige xoxo


Do you really want it?

It’s Laura here again guys

So we’re on the topic of “getting what you want” and I don’t just mean it by “give it to me” or “manipulation” I mean questioning what do you want and do you really want it?.


We all try extremely hard to get what we want in life, we work hard to get a nice car, a good house, that extra bit of weight off, our dream job. However do we really get what we want? Or what we think we want, do we actually want it?.

Let me explain myself a bit more, do we really want to have that electricity bill through our door, for the house we had to take a loan out for. Did we really want that tax bill for the car that drinks fuel every single day, to go to that dead end job because you never pushed for your dream job as a zoologist. beauty

But you sit in your office every day, clicking through pictures of the Caribbean or the Saudi Arabian desert knowing that’s what you want ultimately, but next thing you know, your 80 tomorrow and you never explored the world you wanted to see.

So do we really want it, or do we just say that we do?

Do we go through life really wanting those bills but saying we want to see the world on our yacht?


Anything that you really want in life you can get it, it’s whether you really want it or not, so stop kidding yourself.

Go and get what you want.

It’s not what you need, but what makes you truly happy.