Ink or life

Hiya guys! It’s Lauraa here


Even though “but do I have to” obviously growning up, it was the only sentence we knew apart from the word “no”, but now it means a whole new thing.

Now we are forced to pay bills, open accounts, save and save and save until we can afford a deposit for a house, which unless you’re fortunate, will never truely own. Take driving lesson, take exams with all the stress of hoping to get to university, and even then you sink further into dept, gain bad health and with no guarantee after the dept you’ll pass or even get your “dream job” but here is my question to you..


…what is it in aid of?…

…what is the point?


We are born though the what our parents want, because of love, to be brought into a judging society who comments on your person. Regardless if you’re happy being you and what ever you do in life.


A quote I once read – “the most challenging thing in life is being yourself in a society that changes you”


So why do we put ourselves through hell? Stress, heart problems, health issues, shortern life’s for a piece of paper with ink on it? In your grave at the end of the day will you be glad you have a piece of paper? Or will you be glad you didn’t get that peice of paper that wont matter in your last few moments.


Will you be glad travelled the world ?

Will you be glad for all the memories you have with family and friends ?

Will you be glad you made a difference ?

And will you be laying in those last few moments flickering back through all the things you did, without that paper..



I’d sure be glad to know that I didnt have a nasty hangover laid next to a stranger on freshers hahaha



Sorry today’s was serious, it’s just a thought for all you guys out there who aren’t sure 🙂


Laura_Victoria ❤





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