So the summer is slowly approaching (hah, I live in England, so no) and you are looking around you room, the Christmas tree probably still up, your plaid bedding still on, and the”winter berry” scented candles still on your bedside table. You’ve come to the realisation you may want a change, bright colours, lotus febreeze and a slight Hispanic feel to get you in the holiday vibe. Not to worry, here are a few holiday ideas to get you in the mood for the summer.


First things first, keep it simplistic. They key idea to a bright an airy room is as less clutter and cr*p as possible to open up all the space you can. Try and stick the light colours, maybe white or a pale yellow or baby blue colour, personally I prefer the light shades of colours as it feels more homely and less cold than white.

You want to have a friend, by friend I mean a plant, a nice orchid or some lilies with a nice scent to them, it will give your room a very clean, fresh feeling (just remember to keep ’em alive) maybe have a cactus, just because their cool.

Next step, mirrored things, mirrored things are always a great thing to achieve a  bright open room, whether on the wall as a decoration or mirrored furniture. It will instantly reflect the light and add a great open feel. (And great to pose in)



And one last thing which will (I promise) add some depth and modern touch to your room, is copper.

Yes I said copper, copper photo frames, copper dishes, copper decorations or copper lights. Copper is the “in” thing at the minute, and I wont lie, it does look really good! It matches well with the summer theme and bright colours.

coppercopper2.jpgcopper pillow.jpg


These are just a few tips how to jazz up for the summer with a few simply things.


Keep it cool for the summer guys! Xo



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