Hi Readers!


Hi Readers,

I am one part of 2close2cope. As you would have read in the intro to our blog  we are two cousins, working together to  create something awesome with our lives. Currently we are working on producing a youtube channel together, but since we both live so far a part it is kind or hard to do this. So I thought maybe writing a blog together maybe an easier place to start, we both enjoy writing and talking…

We hope this to be a lifestyle blog, where we discuss experiences and opportunities we have had in our lives. We will each sign of the blogs with our names, so hopefully you will begin to learn our quirks and imperfections and will begin to see us as companions in your lives… or at least someone to laugh at. I hope to show you all about the differences we all have and maybe through the words I write I may have an impact on some of you.

This will be the first of many blogs that will be appearing on here, and they certainly may vary. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you read and I will talk to you all again very soon!


Paige xoxo


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