So here we go..

The topic of the big F.. friends.

I’ve always been very popular from a young age, many friends, wanted by all..(sarcastically laughs to ones self) I’m actually hilarious. No, never had many friends, I was a “wanderer” and not like the film. I always preferred to wander around the countryside alone, study alone, read alone and aside from having my own horse to talk to, I wasn’t really bothered.

However I did have an odd bestfriend here and there, but only if they could live up to my craziness and not care or judge me, the perfect sister you could say. I went through a couple, you know what I mean, those kinds of “friends” who betrayed you at any chance.

I never knew what to expect, I’ll tell you a bit about myself

I am “only” child, I always preferred to “lonely” child. I use to sing opera, I learned to play 12 instruments, I did ballet for 7 years, and I’ve always had horses from the age of 3, so I never had much time for people as I was to busy trying to be busy (chuckles).

Then I started “big” school, and ill admit I wasn’t the prettiest (damn right I was a stunner, joking) so I was bullied a fair amount, my grandmother always said “their jealous” hah, no they weren’t blinde grandma. So my first real encounter of “friends” was torture all the way up till I finished.



So if you wnt advice on “friends” im probably not the best person to ask, but I do have the best advice,

“Buy a big fluffy animal, they can’t say how awful you look” 

Stay smexy.




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