Take a breath and chill


Hi guys,

I was sat thinking today about stress and how debilitating it can be sometimes. Stress is a major factor in everybody’s lives, some people it effects more than others and I wonder how many people know how to calm down during or after a stressful day. So I thought I would write down my ten top tips that I use to combat my stress, when the ugly little beasties come running my way…

  1. Find your stress triggers. Being able to identify what triggers your stress can go a long way to help battling it and preventing it.images-3
  2. Exercising. Yes, the E word. Taking up some form of physical activity can greatly help reduce stress, you are able to burn off calories and express the stress through doing something you enjoy. Maybe take up running, or yoga (I know this helps, I will talk in more detail about it later). Use this time to either physically burn off the stress or as time to think and process your stresses.
  3. Eat well, Drink well. And no, I don’t mean binge eating on chocolate and McDonalds and consuming large quantities of alcohol. Yes, this may help in the short term, but in the long run it will only add to the stress you already have. Eating healthily will keep you healthy and energized, meaning you are more able to tackle what is thrown at you. Staying nourished is essential to reducing stress!
  4. Sleep. And don’t we all love it. When I learnt that sleep is a key factor of reducing stress, I thanked the heavens, I love to sleep and the more of it you get the better. We should all aim to be getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, sleeping help us reboot our bodies and minds. And keeping up our energy physically and mentally can go along way with helping us through the day and keeping down our stress levels.
  5. At least once a day find stillness. Meditation has been proven to be one of the best ways to combat stress (Ive taken up yoga, and have found that the meditation has been the best part of learning it. I have used it to help battle the stress beasties). Allowing body and mind to become one releases the effects of stress, combating against the fight and flight response we feel.Having a few moments of silence in your day allows you to re-gravitate yourself once again.
  6. imagesFriends. Talking to someone about whats stressing you can help reduce the stress you feel. By them listening and allowing you to fully express how you feel will bring a weight of your chest. Have you ever felt so weighed down you weren’t sure what to do, but then spoken to someone and the weight was then greatly lifted? This is what your friends are for and they know that. Don’t feel anxious about talking to them about things, they are more willing to listen than you think!
  7. Travel, even if its to the local park. Getting out of the house and away from any potential triggers can greatly aid in your de-stress. Taking time away from the daily grind will help. It is said by many doctors that going on holidays helps maintain good health. Anyway, planning a vacation gives you something to look forward too… Imagine it sun, pool and freedom!
  8. Make time for yourself. Weather its ten minutes or a day, making time for yourself is a massive assist to lessening your stress levels. It may be quiet time reading a book (something I very much enjoy), taking a jog or simply sleeping, finding a few minutes in your day to indulge in yourself will go along way to bringing down those stress beasties.
  9. Smile, even if its fake. Smiling releases endorphins, which are our happy hormones, and by releasing these little friends can greatly improve your mood! You can’t deny the connection our body and mind has, but how much control does our body have over our mind?! why don’t you find out, the next time you feel a wave of stress coming slap a smile on. It won’t hurt!!!images-2
  10. Don’t say should’ve or should, say I want. Your stress levels elevate when you begin to think about all things you should and should’ve done (trust me I know!) but this is only making things worse. We forget to take into consideration of all things we want
    to do, to listen to what our mind is telling us, giving us advice on. Instead of allowing ourselves to fulfil our own goals, we put pressure onto ourselves to fulfil the goals of others, constantly raising our stress, where’s the fair ground in that?  So the next time you think, oh no I should’ve done that or I should do this. Think what do I want to do… and do it.


I hope these ten tips go a little way to help you de-stress!

Make sure to comment down below if any do, or you can think of some more, I would love to read them!!!

Until next time,


Paige xoxo


Ink or life

Hiya guys! It’s Lauraa here


Even though “but do I have to” obviously growning up, it was the only sentence we knew apart from the word “no”, but now it means a whole new thing.

Now we are forced to pay bills, open accounts, save and save and save until we can afford a deposit for a house, which unless you’re fortunate, will never truely own. Take driving lesson, take exams with all the stress of hoping to get to university, and even then you sink further into dept, gain bad health and with no guarantee after the dept you’ll pass or even get your “dream job” but here is my question to you..


…what is it in aid of?…

…what is the point?


We are born though the what our parents want, because of love, to be brought into a judging society who comments on your person. Regardless if you’re happy being you and what ever you do in life.


A quote I once read – “the most challenging thing in life is being yourself in a society that changes you”


So why do we put ourselves through hell? Stress, heart problems, health issues, shortern life’s for a piece of paper with ink on it? In your grave at the end of the day will you be glad you have a piece of paper? Or will you be glad you didn’t get that peice of paper that wont matter in your last few moments.


Will you be glad travelled the world ?

Will you be glad for all the memories you have with family and friends ?

Will you be glad you made a difference ?

And will you be laying in those last few moments flickering back through all the things you did, without that paper..



I’d sure be glad to know that I didnt have a nasty hangover laid next to a stranger on freshers hahaha



Sorry today’s was serious, it’s just a thought for all you guys out there who aren’t sure 🙂


Laura_Victoria ❤





So the summer is slowly approaching (hah, I live in England, so no) and you are looking around you room, the Christmas tree probably still up, your plaid bedding still on, and the”winter berry” scented candles still on your bedside table. You’ve come to the realisation you may want a change, bright colours, lotus febreeze and a slight Hispanic feel to get you in the holiday vibe. Not to worry, here are a few holiday ideas to get you in the mood for the summer.


First things first, keep it simplistic. They key idea to a bright an airy room is as less clutter and cr*p as possible to open up all the space you can. Try and stick the light colours, maybe white or a pale yellow or baby blue colour, personally I prefer the light shades of colours as it feels more homely and less cold than white.

You want to have a friend, by friend I mean a plant, a nice orchid or some lilies with a nice scent to them, it will give your room a very clean, fresh feeling (just remember to keep ’em alive) maybe have a cactus, just because their cool.

Next step, mirrored things, mirrored things are always a great thing to achieve a  bright open room, whether on the wall as a decoration or mirrored furniture. It will instantly reflect the light and add a great open feel. (And great to pose in)



And one last thing which will (I promise) add some depth and modern touch to your room, is copper.

Yes I said copper, copper photo frames, copper dishes, copper decorations or copper lights. Copper is the “in” thing at the minute, and I wont lie, it does look really good! It matches well with the summer theme and bright colours.

coppercopper2.jpgcopper pillow.jpg


These are just a few tips how to jazz up for the summer with a few simply things.


Keep it cool for the summer guys! Xo


Too many what if’s

Have you ever woke up in the morning thinking ‘what am I doing with my life?’. If you have, raise your hand.

Just of late I have been contemplating my life, my goals and aspirations. Back when I was at school and studying at college I was so sure of what I wanted to do, so determined; but when I left and started working I thought ‘Is this really what I want to be doing for the rest of my life??’ And in that moment my heart dropped and the world seemed a hole lot smaller than it was before; I felt like everything was closing in on me and there was no where to go. I was trapped. Slowly it began to dawn on me the extent of the decision I have made, why the teachers and my parent always asked ‘Are you sure you want to do this??’, and my mind went into overdrive thinking of all the different possibilities I could have chosen, all the paths I could have took. But I didn’t and now I’m stuck here doing this for the rest of my life, and what if I don’t want to do this? what if I want do something else but I can’t, what if… what if…! My head ran away with my thoughts taking my along with it, on its rollercoaster ride, and soon I found my self in places I shouldn’t be. Somewhere, where I couldn’t get out…

That was until I shouted at myself to stop!… Just stop!

And I did. My thoughts came to a crashing halt and I could again finally think. Process everything and begin to take in my surroundings. I realised I had started to take myself down a dark hole, a road in which I may not have been able to return. However I had made my way to crossroad, each taking me down different paths of my life. Yet again another choice, but one I felt like had control over. Instead of letting my overdrive thoughts take over, I allowed myself time to consider my options, allow myself to take a stroll down each road before making my final decision. However I knew no matter which one I choose, it will be bumpy, bringing forward many hurdles I would have to overcome. But in those moments I learnt, that your never truly stuck, just merely walking dolife quoteswn the road we call life, overcoming hurdles and obstacles thrown our way. We always come to crossroads, our decisions, and we may occasionally take a wrong turn but we always make it out alright.
So remember next time you feel as though you’re trapped, or stuck. You’re not, You always have you’re choices. Look at each one of them, you have time to think. Never let you’re thoughts run away with themselves its a one way road if you do!


Until next time,


Paige xoxo


So here we go..

The topic of the big F.. friends.

I’ve always been very popular from a young age, many friends, wanted by all..(sarcastically laughs to ones self) I’m actually hilarious. No, never had many friends, I was a “wanderer” and not like the film. I always preferred to wander around the countryside alone, study alone, read alone and aside from having my own horse to talk to, I wasn’t really bothered.

However I did have an odd bestfriend here and there, but only if they could live up to my craziness and not care or judge me, the perfect sister you could say. I went through a couple, you know what I mean, those kinds of “friends” who betrayed you at any chance.

I never knew what to expect, I’ll tell you a bit about myself

I am “only” child, I always preferred to “lonely” child. I use to sing opera, I learned to play 12 instruments, I did ballet for 7 years, and I’ve always had horses from the age of 3, so I never had much time for people as I was to busy trying to be busy (chuckles).

Then I started “big” school, and ill admit I wasn’t the prettiest (damn right I was a stunner, joking) so I was bullied a fair amount, my grandmother always said “their jealous” hah, no they weren’t blinde grandma. So my first real encounter of “friends” was torture all the way up till I finished.



So if you wnt advice on “friends” im probably not the best person to ask, but I do have the best advice,

“Buy a big fluffy animal, they can’t say how awful you look” 

Stay smexy.





So coming from a little countryside city in the middle of England, I’ve found it extremely hard (as you can imagine) for in my spare time to come up with the right outfits. As you can imagine walking around in stiletto heels with blue hair while surrounded by farmers in tweed and old biddies who wear curtains was an accomplishment in it’s self, try modeling.

The only advice I can give anyone who is reading this and is scared to be judged… don’t.

The only person who should be judging you is yourself, and it has taken me a long time to realise it.

If you’re honestly that worried Google “Tokyo fashion” and grab your best curtain and get out there.

If I hadn’t of been inspired by Seoul fashion I would not be modeling now, and I would not be the complete person I am.





Hi Readers!


Hi Readers,

I am one part of 2close2cope. As you would have read in the intro to our blog  we are two cousins, working together to  create something awesome with our lives. Currently we are working on producing a youtube channel together, but since we both live so far a part it is kind or hard to do this. So I thought maybe writing a blog together maybe an easier place to start, we both enjoy writing and talking…

We hope this to be a lifestyle blog, where we discuss experiences and opportunities we have had in our lives. We will each sign of the blogs with our names, so hopefully you will begin to learn our quirks and imperfections and will begin to see us as companions in your lives… or at least someone to laugh at. I hope to show you all about the differences we all have and maybe through the words I write I may have an impact on some of you.

This will be the first of many blogs that will be appearing on here, and they certainly may vary. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you read and I will talk to you all again very soon!


Paige xoxo